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I act to illuminate the human experience and

bring people together through joy and empathy.

Myka was most recently featured in
The Philippine Star: Young Star
Read the article here.
Meanwhile, Taavon Gamble as
Anthony Hope and Myka Cue as the Beggar Woman, both bring incredible singing voices and pathos filled choices that make their characters stand out in a way that is not always the case.
Myka Cue wonderfully plays the mysterious Beggar woman who has a secret past. She displays her comic timing as this insane creature... Myka shows her lovely voice in “Alms” and “City on Fire.”
Myka Cue plays Jesusa Angela Espiritu, the youngest, whose immaculate appearance camouflages her desperation... most of the praise must focus on the brilliantly detailed performances of the cast who not only had to master the technological demands of the staging, but also bring to life these stories.
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