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Hi! My name is Myka ("my-kuh"). My pronouns are she/her, and acting is my love offering to the world. 

I've been a performer for as long as I can remember. From singing at annual family Christmas parties to classroom skits to plays and musicals. Performing was, and continues to be, my way of bringing people together.


I was born and raised in a Filipino-Chinese home in Manila before moving to New York City, where I studied Multimedia Storytelling at NYU Gallatin. Then I went on to pursue my MFA in Acting at Brown/Trinity Rep. I graduated in May 2023.

I've been lucky enough to have travelled to many places in Southeast Asia, Europe and the US and to have met so many wonderful people along the way. I carry all of these cherished people and experiences with me in every room, on every stage and in all the spaces I set foot in. 

I am passionate about storytelling in all forms and mediums, wherever it is I get to embody characters who defy societal expectations and overcome adversity. I'm excited by stories of adventure. Of the strange, the magical and fantastical. Of diversity. Of celebration. Of stories that create cultural impact and illuminate all the joys and complexities of being human.

My goal is to leave the world a better and brighter place - one song, dance and story at a time. If you share this dream, please reach out and I'll look forward to getting to know you as well!



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